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Meet the Team

We are a team of intellectuals eager to listen to your goals, dreams, and vision for the brand of your future. This strategic branding team has both client and agency experience, as well as corporate, franchise, small & medium, and startup business experience.

Anne Gillaspie

Founder & Master Strategist

I’m Anne, founder & owner of this fine branding agency, master strategist and chief problem solver. I love what I do! Seriously. I’m so curious about people, processes, WHY, and take conversations to a deeper level, quickly. I thrive on it, as it gives me life. This quality makes me exceptional at my work, and I’ll remind you, when searching for a brand strategist and business “therapist”, you’ll want to go deep, and fast. This allows me to get in and unravel all that may be standing in your way to building the brand of your dreams and soaring to new levels of your greatness. It’s all waiting… right here for you.

I hold a bachelor’s in Business Administration: Marketing, with a minor in Acting and Directing, from Colorado State University. A true Denver native, I briefly lived in Austin, TX, but the call of the seasons brought me back home.

Off duty, I’m fully immersed in family life with three kids, a wonderful husband, and Noodles the sheepadoodle. I live to dance, lift heavy weights, hike, snowboard, play board games, and have meaningful conversations.

brand designer

Abbie O'Brien

Brand Designer

I’m Abbie, the “Creative Genius” for Fix & Form. After spending many years in the franchise industry as a Creative Director for an in-house team, I now create brands from a visual perspective – shaping their identity with logos, fonts, websites, and collateral. By creating purposeful, strategic designs, our clients are able to build deeper connections with their customers and reach their audiences with powerful images, colors, and designs.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Art + Communications, I call Conshohocken, PA home, where I live with my husband, two daughters, and two dogs. When I’m not immersed in design, you can find me on my yoga mat, sharing my passion for movement and mindfulness with fellow yogis. Teaching yoga is not just a hobby; it’s a meaningful way for me to guide others on their journey toward wellness and self-discovery.

Together, I’m confident we’ll create impactful work and make a difference in the brands we touch.


Harper Hall

Content Strategist & Copy

Hi! I’m Harper, the go-to copywriter at Fix & Form. A Midwest native, I moved to Colorado with my husband ten years ago. My background includes a Psychology degree and a Master’s in Education, but I thrive on helping others shine through my work. I specialize in revealing clients’ unique voices with top-notch copywriting and strategic consulting.

I provide engaging copywriting that connects with your audience and boosts your business, alongside captivating storytelling that highlights your unique mission to attract ideal clients. With effective SEO, I make sure you’re easily discoverable, while thorough consumer research ensures I understand exactly what your audience craves. My strategic planning will help build your business and cultivate a loyal customer base, giving you back time for post-hike beers, family, or a little self-care!

Off the clock, I’m hiking with my dog Lando, enjoying wine with friends, or cooking up something cheesy.

Justin Kruse

Video Production & Content Strategist

My journey into video work and filmmaking kicked off way back in my childhood when my parents handed me an old VHS camcorder—talk about nostalgic! Despite the fact that the camcorder weighed as much as me, I lugged the heavy thing around on my shoulder, creating ridiculous movies with my brother and childhood friends. Fast forward – shortly after finishing my degree at The University of Colorado in Marketing, I began to pursue filmmaking as a passion and hobby, documenting fun vacations and important events in the lives of my friends and family.

This eventually evolved into creating narrative short films with a group of close friends. We rapidly found ourselves hosting a large following of fans on our Youtube channel, which led to film festivals, freelance work, and establishing a strong community of followers. This ultimately became our Production Team known as Empty Can Films, where we still produce content to this day!

Presently, I have transformed my love and passion for creating content into building video and digital media solutions for businesses and organizations to help share their stories and build their brand! Making engaging content is something I have a deep love and appreciation for, and I would love to help you bring your vision to life!


Tiffiny Wiley

SEO & Digital Expert

With a couple of decades of marketing experience across several verticals – franchising, financial services, hospitality, commercial and residential services and wellness – I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Whether researching and implementing the latest and greatest in website health or helping clients build winning marketing strategies, I approach my work like I approach life, with a positive and energetic outlook, giving my best every day.

I reside in Seattle, WA, with my husband, Eric, and our two wonderful kids, Finn (the rescue pup) and Pippi (the rescue cat). In my downtime, I enjoy being active—walking, hiking, paddle-boarding, and aerial yoga are a few of my current favorites.

I am eager to help you soar with proven SEO optimization and marketing strategies that will take your business to new heights. 

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