Fix & Form

Our Process

Here’s what it looks like to work with us… You drive the goals and allow us to help you reach them by, putting it frank, getting sh*t done.


Initial Conversation

A conversation to identify your needs, goals, and dreams. We identify problems to solve, missing feedback you're seeking, and which of our services or subscriptions will align best with your next steps in achieving the brand you are striving to bring to life.


Our Working Process

Our work will consist of "talk therapy" sessions, collaborative working sessions, and loads of problem solving over the course of months, the amount of months will be determined by the service or subscription selected. We lay down foundations to fix existing brands or form new brands, and then move into visual design, and finish with tools to bring your marketing to life.


Planning Our Work

From here we can schedule the time, choose where and how we want to work, and start getting sh*t done. Every Fix & Form service bundle begins with an in-depth strategic workshop to uncover our biggest outcomes possible.


Review & Wrap Up

Once our collaboration comes to an end, your vision and dreams are showcased in a comprehensive custom F&F Brand Guidebook (a signature deliverable from Fix & Form) where we review the many elements in your brand identity and foundation, as well as present your visual brand with corresponding collateral and assets The full enchilada to showoff your new brand baby!

Ready to transform your brand?

That’s where we come in. We’re not just a branding agency; we’re your brand’s transformation partner. We understand the pain of an outdated logo, the eagerness to grow, and the need for simplicity. We offer a comprehensive solution – from strategy to design to digital presence – all under one roof.

Grow Your Brand With Us

Simplified Choices

Clear, straightforward packages for every stage of your brand's journey.

Customizable Solutions

Mix and match services to precisely fit your brand's unique needs.

Emotional Connection

Our services are designed to make your brand not just visible, but memorable and loved.

Expert Team

Work with a dedicated team of experts passionate about bringing your brand's story to life.

Ready to breathe life into your business?

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